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Thought Leadership and Publications

Christie's approach to the solutions she designs is research-driven and often leverages proprietary scholarship.

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Book Publications

Christie has co-authored 4 books in the global leadership space. Her books have been used as textbooks for leadership development programs at Coca-Cola, TE Connectivity, Philips and Ford Motor Company.

Her book, Leading Across New Borders: How to Succeed as the Center Shifts, is currently the textbook for the Global Leadership course at National University of Singapore Business School.

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Leading Across New Borders

How to Succeed as the Center Shifts

Advances in Global Leadership Volume 9

Thought Leadership & Publications: Projects

The Future of Workplace Wellbeing

The pandemic is shifting the conversation around workplace wellbeing in meaningful ways. What is the future of workplace wellbeing and how can organizations create a workplace wellbeing strategy that is ready for the future?

Read The Future of Workplace Wellbeing full report here or by clicking on the link in Journal Publications below.

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Journal Publications

Christie conducts research and publishes regularly on the topics she facilitates.

She has published 20+ articles in prestigious business journals across 9 countries.

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Global Mindset 2.0: Cultural Awareness No Longer Enough

Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: INDIA

Key Talent Considerations for Working in Iraq

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Leading Across New Borders: The Next Level

From Outsourcing to Global Talent

Tomorrow's Global Leaders

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Adopting an Asian Lens to Talent Development

The Future of Workplace Wellbeing

Fostering Religious Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace in India

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Co-Active Trained

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Profile, Teams, Leadership


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Science-Led Stress and Wellbeing Foundatiouns


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Inclusive Leader by TAC Global


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Personal and Organisational Values Assessment


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DEI Changemakers Program

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Certificate Course for Practitioners

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