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Check out a sampling of our work experience with clients across the globe.

The content of these projects is representative of our expertise and offerings.

Project Portfolio: Projects

Agile & Innovative Org Culture

Position the Organization to Thrive Amidst Disruption and Uncertainty

Holistic, neuroscience-led engagement leveraging theories of Learning Agility, Design Thinking & Growth Mindset to transform corporate cultures into highly-creative and market-responsive environments. Key outcomes: leading through ambiguity, leveraging failure and fostering innovative change.

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Work in Balance

Create Resilience for Peak Stress Environments

Tactile and engaging workshop focused on six critical dimensions of wellbeing. Participants take away a tangible plan for maintaining their own wellbeing, managing stress and creating sustainable work practices that ensure resilience and productivity. Leverages medical-based research in Traumatic Stress Studies from The Trauma Research Foundation in Boston, USA as well as industry best practices in wellbeing.


High-Potential Leadership Development

Fast-Track APAC Leaders for Global Roles

Strategic, multi-layered solution to transition local high-potential talent into strategic leadership roles, with a goal of increasing local leadership representation and driving strategic growth trajectories. Leverages Global Leadership Research & Behavioral Framework, GlobeSmart© Assessment Profile and/or Lumina Learning: Lumina Spark Assessment™.

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Inclusive Leadership

Inspire Today's Global Diverse Workforce Towards Creativity and Performance

Highly-practical, action-focused learning and strategy creation focused on leaders’ role in creating an inclusive work environment. Assumes working knowledge of D&I fundamentals. Leverages Inclusive Leader™ by TAC Global and Barrett Values Assessment™.


Global Leadership

Lead Across Boundaries

Develop leaders to inspire and drive results across multiple borders, leveraging published research on critical global leadership behaviors and multi-faceted learning methodologies. Leverages Global Leadership Behavioral Framework,  GlobeSmart© Assessment Profile and/or Lumina Learning: Lumina Spark Assessment™.


Inclusion Strategy

Business-Led Change for Competitive Advantage

Partner with organizational leadership to conduct key diversity research, assess and benchmark against global best practice, develop targeted inclusion strategy and drive implementation plan to all levels of the organization. Potential resources leveraged include the Barrett Values Assessment™ to evaluate current and desired company culture, Global Talent Scorecard to benchmark against global inclusion standards, and Play Your Winning Hand™ inclusive behavior index.

Diverse Group Cheering

Women Take the Lead

Empower Women to Take the Organization Forward

Powerful research-led learning journey aimed at empowering high potential women to step into greater leadership roles based on a deep understand of their unique leadership strengths. Includes targeted diversity research and global approach to culturally-distinct gender frameworks. Leverages research by Dagley on Executive Presence, Compete/Connect frameworks and the Lumina Learning: Lumina Spark Assessment™.


Executive Presence & Influence

Navigate the Matrix without Position Power

Hands-on approach to understanding and demonstrating executive presence for greater influence in the organization. Leverages Executive Presence research by Dagley and Influence frameworks from The Conference Board, Influencing Techniques from Terry Bacon and own proprietary research on “Influence and Global Leadership” published by Emerald Publishing Limited.

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Global Collaboration

Set Teams Up to Perform Across Borders and Functions

Cultural awareness and critical skills to enable seamless collaboration across borders. Country-specific content and strategies to address challenges and build opportunities with key colleagues and clients located in specific locales. GlobeSmart© Assessment Profile for research-based framework.


Executive Coaching

Enable the Changes that Matter Most

Collaborate with leaders and organizations to co-create measurable progress toward identified goals. Holistic leadership approach based on co-active coaching model.  

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