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Organizational Development Solutions

Research-led solutions based on global industry best practice tailored for your business. Integrate Consulting offers long-term partnership with your organization in order to deliver strategic outcomes for leadership, organizational culture and global talent development.

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Women Entrepreneur India

 Woman Business Leader of the Year 2021

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Sandy Ann Ho, Head of Corporate Learning, ExxonMobil

Christie isn’t your typical consultant. What sets her apart is her ability to empathize and connect with the people around her. She has this “superpower” in swiftly building trust; thereby multiplying the positive impact she brings through key phases of a project from consultation, diagnostic, design to implementation. She cares not just about the quality of work, but also the overall employee learning experience to ensure it will make real impact and longer term improvement.   


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Create clarity through a rich combination of quantitative and qualitative data. Save time and money  by knowing where to focus your organization's energies. Gain crucial buy-in and produce targeted results. 

  • Understand the real barriers to women moving into senior leadership roles and how these differ across geographies. 

  • Clarify the specific behaviors and leadership expectations preventing high-potential talent from succeeding in global roles.

  • Investigate the cultural and generational differences driving low retention rates in key markets. 


Create highly-innovative solutions tailor-made for your organization. Leverage our 20+ years of global experience with Global Fortune 500 companies to create solutions that are truly world-class. Rely on our research-based approach and cutting-edge thought leadership for designs that will exceed your expectations. 

  • Create a targeted inclusion strategy that reflects your organization's values, priorities and bottom-line goals.

  • Build executive involvement into the DNA of high-potential talent development journeys.

  • Design creative systems that enable and reward global innovation.


Engage and challenge your talent with solutions that prioritize action with outcome-focused learning and hands-on engagement. We don't believe in the model of an expert talking at the front of the classroom. Our approach focuses on participants experiencing their limitless capacities for change, growth, intelligence and creativity. 

  • Explore how to create a culture of inclusion through highly-competitive games and spirited debates with fellow leaders.

  • Integrate a two-way mentoring culture into the DNA of your company.

  • Use graphs and data to compare your work style with that of your global team members.


Integrate targeted and validated assessment systems to measure progress toward your goals. Ensure feedback is captured and integrated at every step of the engagement. Leverage data to ensure the responsiveness and excellence of every solution. 

  • Customize a leadership assessment to measure progress toward outcomes identified in the diagnostic.

  • Leverage validated tools to measure progress toward desired company culture shifts.

  • Measure the medium-term impact of high-potential fast-track programs on career progression.

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